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Future of Sustainability Reporting

Date : 6th July and 7th July 2023
Time : 09:00 to 16:00
Seats Remaining : 75

This powerhouse conference on sustainability brings together the most comprehensive group of experts in this area from across the globe. Hear from the global experts in this area on the new ISSB Sustainability Standards, as well as the future of reporting in this highly topical area.

1. Value creation through integrated thinking and reporting: Integrated thinking takes account of the connectivity between the different factors that contribute to an organisation's ability to create value over time. It is no longer sufficient to think of an organisation’s impact solely on its shareholders but rather to consider the entire breadth of its stakeholders. The organization is an integral part of society and is affected and affects the society in which it operates. Its ability to create value is dependent on its ability to create value for all its stakeholders and this requires that it understand the needs, interests and expectations of its material stakeholders. The organization is a corporate citizen and thus status confers on it rights, obligations and responsibilities towards society and the natural environment on which society depends for its wellbeing and progress. The reporting that follows is a demonstration of the organisation’s stewardship in this respect and thus a tool for communicating how the organisation's strategy, governance, performance and prospects have and will continue to lead to the creation of value.
Speaker: Raymond Chamboko...