Financial Instruments focusing on the impairment loss model (Online)
Venue Online - Microsoft Teams
Date Tuesday 15th October 2024
Time 09:30 - 12:30
Information In this session we will look at Impairment loss model and principles, in terms of the following:

• Brief introduction of the forward-looking model
• What is within the scope of IFRS 9
• Definitions (credit losses, expected credit losses, 12-month ECL and lifetime ECL)
• ECL Model -General approach focusing on the “3-stage” process.
• The credit risk satellite model
• ECL Model - Simplified approach under the practical expedient
• A 5-step model to devise the ECL for trade receivables under the provision matrix
• An brief look at the financial statements of companies to understand the practicability of the Simplified approach in a realistic context
• Roll rate model
• The definition of default
• Exception 1 to the ECL model, namely for Purchased or Originated credit-impaired (POCI) financial assets
• Exception 2 to the ECL model, namely for Low credit risk (LCR) financial assets
• ECL model applied to Debt Instruments
• Qualitative/quantitative disclosures about information on amounts arising from ECLs.
CPD Units 3 units on full attendance
Seats Left 20
Price Rs 4000
Booking Deadline Tuesday 15th October 2024
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