Derivatives and Hedge accounting (Online)
Venue Online - Microsoft Teams
Date Thursday 7th March 2024
Time 09:30 - 12:30
Information In this session we will look at hedge accounting under the requirements of IFRS 9 in terms of the following considerations:

  • Distinguishing hedge accounting with hedging (economic hedging)

  • The objective of hedge accounting

  • Risk management strategy versus risk management objective

  • The meaning of derivatives and their importance in mitigating or offsetting risk in hedge accounting

  • The characteristics of a derivative financial instrument

  • Understanding non-financial variables and distinguishing risks specific and not specific to a party

  • Introducing weather derivatives

  • Types of hedging relationships including:
    i. Cash flow hedges
    ii. Fair value hedges
    iii. Net investment in foreign operation

  • Illustrations on (h) on how to calculate gains/losses arising on hedged items and hedged instruments

  • Eligible hedging instruments

  • Exception rules for ‘full designation’ of hedging instruments under the ‘cost of hedging’ model

  • Eligible hedged items

  • The criteria that should be satisfied in order to be allowed to adopt hedged accounting under IFRS 9

  • The concept of rebalancing under IFRS 9

  • The rules under IFRS 9 relating to the discontinuation of hedged accounting.
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