Accounting for Non-Financial Assets - Part 2 (Online)
Venue Online - Microsoft Teams
Date Tuesday 10th October 2023
Time 09:30 - 12:30
Information a) IAS 40 Investment properties where the following will be looked at:

1. Definition of investment comparing it with owner-occupied properties
2. Recognition and measurement principles
3. What are included and excluded as investment properties
4. Property held for mix purposes
5. Ancillary services

b) IAS 2 Inventories with the following aspects:
1. Definitions
2. Measurement at cost
3. Net realisation value (NRV)
4. NRV and cost analysis

c) Under IFRS 5 Non-current Assets Held for Sale and Discontinued Operations:
1. Scope out aspects
2. The held-for-sale criteria
3. The measurement principle
4. Abandoned assets
5. Discontinued operations
6. Presentation and disclosure

d) IAS 41 Agriculture where we will look at:
1. Definitions relating to:
i. Agricultural activity
ii. Biological asset
iii. Biological transformation
iv. Agricultural produce
v. Harvest
vi. Costs to sell
2. Scope in and out aspects
3. Recognition principles
4. Measurement principles
5. Gains and losses
6. Government grants
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