IFRS Second Update - 2022
Venue Hennessy Park Hotel Ebene
Date Thursday 8th December 2022
Time 09:30 - 12:30
Information 1. IAS 12 Income Taxes
a) Recap of the basic principles
b) May 2021 narrow scope amendment based upon deferred tax related to assets and liabilities arising from a single transaction (leases and decommissioning costs)

2. Amendments to IAS 8 -Accounting Policies Changes relating to Accounting Estimates. We will look at the new definition of accounting estimates and the amended definition of accounting policies as well as the analysing the connection between accounting policies and accounting estimates

3. Agenda decision Digital Assets (Crytos ICOs and Crowdfunding)

4. Agenda decision Demand deposits with contractual restrictions on use

5. 2020 Amendments to IAS 1 on current liabilities and the 2022 Amendments relating to IAS 1 on Covenants.

6. Rising inflation and interest rates on IFRS financial statements. We will look:

(a) at the business impacts and accounting impacts
(b) a brief look at the potential impact on the following IFRSs:
i. IAS 19 defined benefit pension liabilities and other employee benefits
ii. IAS 37 provisions contingent liabilities and contingent assets
iii. IFRS 3 fair value measurement
iv. IAS 36 asset impairment indicators and test
v. IFRS 9 financial asset expected credit losses
vi. IAS 1 sources of significant estimation uncertainty
vii. IFRS 7 financial instrument liquidity and sensitivity

7. Cash received via electronic transfer as settlement for a financial asset. We will look at the pact pattern in terms of a question submitted to the IFRIC Committee about the recognition of cash received via Bacs a formal automated settlement process that takes a three working-day cycle to settle a cash transfer as settlement for a financial asset.

8. Agenda decision on negative low-emission vehicle credits. We look focus on the fact pattern submitted to the IFRIC Committee whether an entity has a present obligation under IAS 37 Provisions. Contingent liabilities and Contingent assets for the purchase of positive credits or producing them to reduce fuel emissions.

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