Live Session: MS Excel: Efficiency Tools
Venue Online - Microsoft Teams
Date Tuesday 27th October 2020
Time 11:00 - 14:00
Information This course covers a variety of tools to enable you to work more efficiently in Excel. You will learn how to select and work with visible and blank cells and record and use macros to perform repetitive actions. You will also learn how to collaborate in Excel by controlling what and where users can enter data and how to work with comments. In addition you will learn how to work across multiple workbooks by viewing multiple workbooks and worksheets side-by-side and linking data and formulas. Finally you will learn how to use some advanced data analysis tools including Data Tables Scenario Manager Goal Seek and Solver. On completion of this course you should be able to work more efficiently in Excel.

Course pre-requisites: Is able to work with the Windows operating system and Excel fundamentals including selecting cells and ranges basic formulas cut copy and paste. If your foundation in Excel needs to be strengthened please attend the Excel Fundamentals course before this one.


1. Working with visible and blank cells
2. Macros: Recording editing and playing back macros in the current
workbook and Personal Macro Workbook
3. Data Validation: Controlling what people can enter into cells
4. Protect worksheet workbook and file: Controlling where people can
enter data into a worksheet protecting the workbook and file
5. Comments: Inserting editing deleting and printing comments
6. Viewing data in Excel: Freeze panes arrange windows new window for
current workbook
7. Linking: Linking data and calculating across worksheets and workbooks
8. Data Analysis: Data Tables Scenario Manager Goal Seek Solver
CPD Units 3 units on full attendance
Seats Left 25
Price Rs1500
Booking Deadline Tuesday 27th October 2020
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